by Sara Putnam, Contributing Writer

LONG BEACH (GG) — Last Saturday June 29, 2024, the city of Long Beach hosted the ultimate all day American celebration.  Beginning at 11am, there were local food trucks spread throughout the town green as well as local vendors selling jewelry, baked goods, woodworks, and other various arts and crafts.

Events such as the dunking booth and the splash pad provided relief from the blistering heat for the local kids of the community.

Sponsors of the event included: Coastal Daiquiri Bar & Grill, Visit MS, Serendipity Creamery, Elvis Gates State Farm, Chuck Ryan Cars, High Caliber Guns, Veterans Realty, and The Energy Club.

Starting at 6pm, a parade began its route on Jeff Davis Avenue consisting of golf carts, ATVs, tractors, and a classic Ford Thunderbird all driven by local patriotic families.  Classic parade trinkets were thrown to sidelining citizens and families as passing carts played classic rock and pop songs bring- ing glee to the crowds.

As the parade came to an end around 7pm, locals were able to gather round a festival stage which hosted the Mississippi Gulf Coast party band The All Nighters while still enjoying the jubilee’s activities.

When asked about the inspiration behind the event, the Long Beach Public Affairs Officer Courtenay Cuevas said, “Myself and Sawyer Walters got together to make this event last year to create a hometown feel that gets the community involved including free events and a parade. We thought this was a good way to give back to our local artists while also giving some of the spotlight to some new vendors and members of the community.”

To close out this community affair, citizens could look up to the night sky to see a vibrant display of fireworks. This event was an overall success and a great opportunity for local vendors and citizens to come together to celebrate this day of independence.