by Hunter Dawkins, Publisher/Owner –

Although used in the title, a legend would be an understatement of my friend, Coach Kevin Woods, Sr. Woods lived his life doing what most dream about, such as helping youth, raising a family, being a pillar in your community and having leaders come to you for advice. Undoubtedly, Coach Kevin Woods did this and more for hundreds of people regardless of their background and with that infectious smile.

I spoke with Coach Woods many times, from when I first played baseball for him at around 7 until we were at Peoples Bank in Pass Christian last week. Regardless of what it was about, Coach was always happy to talk with me about anything.

One lesson I learned from Coach Woods but have not routinely followed is his kindred spirit and never raising his voice to another person. This is what made Coach Woods and the reason so many respected him and almost all youth listened to virtually everything he said.

Despite how he may have felt, Coach Woods NEVER RAISED HIS VOICE OR CURSED AT ANYONE and this made everything he said to the youth in any sport listen to him even more. This is a lesson that should be followed by all who work with youth or any other kind of profession because listening and solid discussion go farther in this world than any other method.

I will certainly miss seeing and learning from my friend, who was always at the field Saturday morning during football season helping out recreational coaches, talking with young athletes, and using his wonderful voice in the community press box.

Regardless of what was going on, Coach Woods felt it was imperative that he was there every Saturday morning bright and early during recreational football to provide support for athletes, coaches, staff, and concession to build the community.

Kevin was a devoted husband, father, grandfather, uncle, teacher, and a solid man.

Although Coach had a competitive nature, he felt the importance of shaping a student-athlete to be honorable and respectful was his purpose.

Despite decades of working in the school district, Coach Woods never met a stranger in Pass Christian.

I will miss my friend on the sidelines at the Friday night high school football game, Saturday at the recreational field, Monday at the middle school games, Thursday at the junior varsity games, or at the basketball gym.

Even though I am sad like many in the community and his family are, Coach’s life should be celebrated for the lessons you taught and lived by.

Thank you, Coach and hopefully will see you again someday.