Gulfport community advocate and retired military veteran Jeffrey Hulum addresses crowd about his candidacy to serve out the term for Mississippi State House District 119. Hulum and other candidate; Gary Fredericks, both answered questioned at the Isaiah Fredericks Community Center in Gulfport for the 37th Annual Candidates Forum on Tuesday, July 12, 2022. Mississippi Governor Tate Reeves set the election for District 119 on Tuesday, July 19, 2022. (Hunter Dawkins/The Gazebo Gazette via AP)

by Hunter Dawkins, Publisher/AP Member –

After campaigning for nearly two months and giving back to his home community for four years, Jeffrey Hulum won the Mississippi State House District 119 special election convincingly on Tuesday, July 19, 2022.

“I want to thank God, my mother, my family, my church family, and so many others for believing in me,” expressed Hulum, who fills the vacant seat from former Legislative Black Caucus Chair and Pass Christian Alumnus Sonya Williams-Barnes.  “This is not my seat, this is District 119’s seat where I will listen to the community’s voices.”

Community advocate Hulum beat Gary Fredericks Tuesday night with 775 (66.93%) votes to 381 (32.9%).  Both candidates previously ran for the Mississippi State Legislature seats three years ago, but were unsuccessful.

“I want to thank District 119 former representative Sonya Williams-Barnes for laying a foundation,” said Hulum.  “I want to help build what she’s done and give back to the schools, churches, and community.”

Former Representative Williams-Barnes resigned from her state house seat in May after receiving a position with the Southern Poverty Law Center.  Additionally, she is still the owner/sole proprietor of Lockett-Williams Funeral Home in Gulfport.

Unless a special session is called by the governor, the Mississippi State Legislature will convene the first week of January 2023.