by Hunter Dawkins, Publisher/Owner – or

During the first meeting of the Mayor & Board of Aldermen in Long Beach, Miss. Tuesday, February 6, 2024 at city hall, three similar appointments along with a few resignations were approved.

 First, Long Beach Mayor George Bass was reappointed by the Board of Aldermen as the city’s representative for the Gulf Coast Regional Planning Commission (GRPC).  Since 2017, Bass has performed these duties with GRPC to get grants, data analysis, and transportation planning.

In its capacity as a regional governmental planning agency, GRPC works closely with the local public agencies and the citizens of the MS Gulf Coast to provide information and tools that support the regional decision-making process. As the Metropolitan Planning Organization, GRPC staff work diligently to promote a safe, efficient, and fiscally sound transportation system that serves the travel needs of coastal residents, businesses, and visitors.

Mayor Bass will serve as the city representative for a three-year term, which will expire February 28, 2027.

Then, Thomas L. Carpenter was reappointed to the Long Beach School Board of Trustees for his second term 6-0.  Ward 1 Alderman Patrick Bennett had to recuse himself because of employment through the Long Beach School District.

Carpenter is an attorney for Carr Allison Law Firm in Gulfport, Miss.  He was first appointed in 2019 to the Long Beach School Board of Trustees.  Carpenter has a five year term that ends February 28, 2029.

Finally, The Gazebo Gazette was unanimously awarded the 2024 publication for all legal and public notices by the Long Beach Board of Aldermen for the seventh consecutive year.

Subsequently, Christine McCummins resigned from the Library Board for Long Beach along with Jared Bass, Driver/Operator for the Fire Department.  While McCummins sent a letter to the Board of Aldermen mentioning other responsibilities, Bass’ last day was scheduled for February 5, 2024.