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During the second week of the 2024 legislative session, Lieutenant Governor Delbert Hosemann selected senators to specific standing committees for their four-year term.

“We have spent hundreds of hours working on these assignments. My decision in these appointments is to place Senators in the best position to serve the State of Mississippi and the citizens who sent us here; secondly, where they are best positioned to serve the Mississippi Senate; and finally, to honor each Senator’s committee preferences where it was feasible to do so,” Hosemann said. “We have a great team and I’m ready to get to work on the challenges and opportunities awaiting us this term.”

The following day, Friday, January 12, 2024, recently elected Speaker of the House of Representatives, Jason White (R-West) chose the chair and vice chair of the 48 standing house committees for the four year tenure.

Speaker White shares, “It is with great pride that I announce the House leadership team for the next four  years. The selections for Chairs and Vice Chairs directly reflect our desire and drive to elevate Mississippi. I am enthusiastic to work with these Republican, Democrat, and Independent Chairs and Vice Chairs as we address our State’s challenges and opportunities through a conservative lens to build a better, brighter Mississippi.”

Of the members from Harrison County in the State Senate, three received chair positions while five representatives from the House of Representatives were chosen to lead powerful committees.  These were:

State Senate

  1. Scott Delano (R-Biloxi) – Environmental Protection, Conservation and Water Resources
  2. Joel Carter (R-Gulfport) – Energy
  3. Mike Thompson (R-Pass Christian, Long Beach) – Ports & Marine Resources

State House of Representatives

  1. Carolyn Crawford (R-Pass Christian) – Executive Contingent Fund
  2. Casey Eure (R-Biloxi) – Gaming
  3. Jeffrey Guice (R-Biloxi) – Ports, Harbors, & Airports
  4. Richard Bennett (R-Long Beach) – Public Property
  5. Greg Haney (R-Gulfport) – Tourism.

Both leadership houses selected other members to Vice-Chair several committees, such as:

State Senate

  1. Philman Ladner (R-Pass Christian) – Wildlife, Fisheries, & Parks

State House

  1. Jay McKnight (R-Gulfport) – Gaming
  2. Jeffrey Hulum III (D-Gulfport) – Marine Resources
  3. Kevin Felsher (R-Biloxi) – Public Health & Human Services

The timetable for this legislative session is 125 days and the calendar marks Sunday, May 5, 2024 as the final day or Sine Die.  The first deadline is less than a month in making requests for general bills on Wednes- day, February 14, 2024.