by Hunter Dawkins, Publisher/Owner – or

Following a few administrative options, the Pass Christian Board of Aldermen approved $4500 for landscaping expenses for the extension of the Davis Avenue parking lot on a 4-1 vote.  As this issue has been derived for the past years due to a few local businesses requesting the extension, the money will be paid out of the Capital Expenditure Funds that are available according to the City Clerk, Ron Duckworth.

“It will cost the citizens nothing,” said Pass Christian Alderman-at-Large and Mayor Pro-Tem Kenny Torgeson on using these funds for a parking lot created on agreement through the previous city administration.  “The grant given to us was for downtown development.”

Back in February, the Pass Christian Board of Aldermen approved a contract for the sale and purchase of the property the city requested to make improvements and renovations.  The property in the downtown are between Davis Avenue and Scenic Drive plans to part of the Downtown Development Initiative. The  board approved $142,500 that would authorize the city of Pass Christian to make these corrections to the parking area with landscaping not to exceed $107,500.

The landscaping; which included the Nellie Stevens Holly tree, was recommended by the Beautification Department and committee as mentioned on the agenda.  Previously, the amount was listed for $6240, but was amended on a motion from the board.

Despite having some concerns, Ward 3 Alderman Kirk Kimball presented a few facts to the proposal and spoke of how he voted against this 3 times.  Kimball then declared he would vote for the approval claiming that the city should hold up to their word.  Ward 2 Alderwoman Regina Charlot was the only dissenting vote, publicly announcing, “I’m going to vote no.”

Before the discussion and vote, the 2023 Pass Christian Raiderettes Cheer program was recognized after they finished first place in the 2023 Mississippi Gulf Coast Youth Football League (MGCYFL) Cheer Competition.  Pass Christian Recreational Director Bret Bentz stepped forward to introduce and congratulate the cheerleaders for their success this season.