Gazebo Gazette

District Attorney W. Crosby Parker announced today that Isavian Preston (25), of Gulfport, pled guilty this week to shooting and killing 28-year  old Sedrick McCord during a New Year’s Eve party on Lewis Avenue in Gulfport.

After accepting the plea on the amended charge of Manslaughter and Unlawful Possession of a Weapon by a Convicted Felon, Circuit Court Judge Christopher Schmidt sentenced Preston to the maximum  available sentence of 30 years to serve in the custody of the Mississippi Department of Corrections. Preston’s sentence will also run consecutive to an eight (8) year sentence he is currently serving  on a prior drug possession charge.  

The case began shortly before midnight on the night of December 31, 2021, when the Gulfport Police Department began receiving reports of multiple shots fired in the area of Lewis Avenue. Police responded and observed more than one hundred spent shell casings and several houses, including the Lewis residence, riddled with bullet holes.

Police also found that Nathaniel  Harris (52), Sedrick McCord (28), Corey Dubose (23), and Aubrey Lewis (22), had all been shot and killed. 

Police interviewed dozens of witnesses, collected video from surrounding areas, and ultimately were able to identify several suspected shooters, including Preston. The investigation  further revealed that Aubrey Lewis and Corey Dubose became involved in a fist fight, which led to Lewis, Dubose, and several other men pulling guns and firing at each other and into the crowd gathered around the fight.

“Witnesses specifically identified Preston as the person who shot and killed Sedrick McCord during the exchange of gun fire,” said Assistant District Attorney Ian Baker, who prosecuted the case.  

In January of this year, the Grand Jury returned an indictment against Preston, Latavin Bland (23), Vincent Armstrong (23), Mario Clark (25), Khalid Williams (28), Bobby Hands (29), and Breanna Riley (25) with multiple charges including Second-Degree Murder, Aggravated  Assault, and Hindering Prosecution for their respective roles in the shooting.  

During his plea, Preston admitted to shooting McCord and to possessing a firearm after having been previously convicted of a felony.

Prior to pronouncing the sentence, Judge Schmidt asked Preston if all of the gun play going on in the streets was worth spending a substantial part of his life in prison. Preston responded “no.”

As a part of his plea agreement, Preston will be required to provide truthful testimony with regard to the remaining co-defendants.