Gazebo Gazette

On Thursday, August 10th, 2023 the Long Beach Police Department (LBPD) was contacted by the Long Beach School District in reference to a student bringing a gun to an after-school activity. The Long Beach Police Department responded and conducted an investigation in conjunction with School Administrators. 

Information was received about a gun being brought to the after-school function by a student. This information was learned from students who witnessed the incident and reported it. Through investigation, the gun was located and found to be a pellet gun. 

Following the investigation, an arrest of a juvenile student who was charged with Possession of Weapon by Student and transported to the Harrison County Youth Detention center.  

The Long Beach Police Department released a statement commending the School Officials, our officers, and the students who came forward with information which led to a quick and safe resolution to the incident.

Additionally in the statement, LBPD would like to remind everyone that if you see suspicious activity or a crime being committed, please report it and acknowledged that itvtakes all of us working together to keep our community safe.