by Hunter Dawkins, Publisher/Owner –

The revolt from the United States Congress this week to elect a speaker may cause more harm in the republic than ever before because of one simple reason:

Extremists are becoming more powerful than ever before.

Destruction of a compromise from both sides of the political aisle is the reason the United States is headed in a volatile direction. Whether social media is to blame or the digital age, there must be an accommodation to keep the economy healthy and to give all areas of the country the right to be heard.

Looking back in history, numerous compromises have been the reason the United States remains a sovereign nation founded on ideas.

For example, the Connecticut Compromise in the development of the U.S. Constitution was very controversial at the times because of the different representatives background and traditional use of depiction.

Eventually, there was an agreement on representation by population, which is constantly changed by a new Census every decade.

However, this function let’s the population in a region be aligned with important features in their area.

For instance, the Mississippi Gulf Coast contains several large military bases and one of the largest shipbuilders in the world, therefore most people in the region would seemingly hope to have a representative in the know about this.

Lack of leadership from both sides of the aisle shows the United States as a former colony of Great Britain, being led by individuals who had no idea about the problems in the region.

An elected representative of a region’s first priority should be to repre- sent their constituents or community not a power struggle that will hurt their country.

These representatives need to think for their constituents rather than their own personal interests, which could ultimately do what no one really wants in this country.

Social media, the internet, etc. will come and go. The decisions made in this Congress could take a long time to fix and a compromise will be needed to fix.