by Hunter Dawkins, Publisher/Owner –

After approving the minutes for the October and November meetings, the Pass Christian Planning Commission settled a few minor disputes with three public hearings on Tuesday, December 13 at the Pass Christian Municipal Court.

Following discussion from the commission and Pass Christian City Planner Derek Duckworth about the need to rezone, the application was presented by Doug Daniels who requested the change from G3 to T5C in Ward 1 of Pass Christian.  Duckworth acknowledged this region was to be rezoned according to the city where the applicant agreed with the city planner about the subject parcel on Railroad Street.

Steve McNally, owner of numerous storage units in Long Beach, came to the podium to deliberate about the historical zoning requirements the city of Pass Christian has had and how this should not affect his property.  McNally’s storage unit is adjacent to the parcel on Beatline Road north of the railroad tracks.

Planning Commissioner Tom Phares listening to McNally’s concern but stated this rezoning should not affect his property and the historical changes were developed by different administrations.  Shortly after, the commission approved the request to change the parcel from a controlled growth sector to urban center zones for commercial use.

The next applicant requested the commission approval to construct a single-family home with front loading or parking in the front of a T5C zoning district on Holiday Drive.  Deliberation on the location of the property led to a lengthy discussion.  After consensus was reached about the placement of the property, the commission approved the request.

In the first public hearing, the commission unanimously approved the applicant’s request to construct a single-family home with a third story in a T3R zone.  Even though the applicant was not present, the request was accepted despite the city only allowing two stories in the Suburban Zoning District.

In the next Pass Christian Board of Aldermen meeting on Tuesday, December 20, 2022, each recommendation and adoption by the commission will be subject to board approval.