by Hunter Dawkins, Publisher

If one thing can define Chuck Galey in showing his thousands of illustrations for thirty seven years worth of books, learning to draw in his early years was essential. Galey expressed the need to break away from the digital environment and to use imagination skills versus changes in copies.

In his hour-long discussion with community residents at the Pass Christian Public Library on Tuesday, October 18, 2022, Galey told of how this was his dream job and he was inspired by this at a very early age. The Mississippi artist created self illustrations that are still a part of his collection in the gallery.

Additionally, Galey advised in his illustrations that he never seeks the advice of the writer because of telling you what they like rather than your own creation. Publishers keep the visions separate because the authors of the children’s book normally have expressed their intent of design.

The display for each book is done to adapt to the general size of the book, before it is finished, according to Galey. Following the design plan, Galey expresses his usual blessing by the editor before moving forward from there.

After years and thousands of sketches, Galey conveyed an interest in writing and designing a book all in one.

“I want to write and illustrate, which is a tough nut to crack,” said Galey in his open gallery Tuesday, October 18, 2022 discussion with the Pass Christian Library. “I would need to find an agent as a writer and that is an entrée for the publisher because most of them have tons of unsolicited manuscripts.”

Galey’s gallery of illustrations were viewed by numerous residents and could be seen during the week in the conference room of the Pass Christian Public Library.