Gazebo Gazette

Harper McCaughan Elementary School will host a Test Prep Pep Rally for the state tests, the Super Bowl of Education, to motivate and inspire their students to give their very best effort on the MAAP assessment on Friday, April 8 at 1:40pm.

They have practiced and worked hard all year and are excited for the opportunity to prove what they know. The LBHS band, cheerleaders, mascot, and new head football coach Jacob Massey will make their way over to lead the charge in excitement.

The school will also announce the winners of their i-Ready March Madness event. Classes have gone head-to-head with each other each week in the highest overall passing percentages. Each grade level will have a winner.

“Our PBIS team at Harper McCaughan has done an outstanding job of encouraging and motivating students (and teachers) throughout the year,” said McCaughan Principal Brian Rolison.  “Bringing in LBHS students adds excitement and a feeling of togetherness as our district strives to always be a System of Excellence. Taking a small amount of time to bring different groups together for a common goal also promotes inclusivity and helps highlight different activities that our students can look forward to participating in as they progress throughout the Long Beach School District.”