by Hunter Dawkins, Publisher/Owner – or

As a lady with youthful energy and plenty of traveling experience to last a lifetime, author Patti Golden shared her historical knowledge with her recent novel, A Woman’s Guide to the World of Sailing:  The Dreams & Realities of Cruising, Crossing and Competitive Racing and opinions of sailing at the Pass Christian Historical Society luncheon Monday, January 22, 2024.

“I came from a state (Mississippi) that was misunderstood,” expressed Golden in sharing here experience in Eastern Europe and from her traveling throughout Europe.  “I began writing in Eastern Europe because I felt like my home (Mississippi), they were misunderstood.”

Golden explained her latest novel was about sailboat racing and how the British monarchy began studying this process during the early 19th century.  According to the author, the development of yacht clubs began later in the era and organizing speed races became a sporting event that included gambling where America came to excel in the race.

Further, the author opined about her lengthy experience of sailing and her point of view about the best places.  When asked by an audience member, Golden had no stutter in her voice, declaring “the Gulf Coast region is the best place to sail in the world because of accessibility.”

Despite going through many locations throughout the world sailing, Golden acknowledged that sailing on the Gulf Coast is so easy because of where you can get out and go instead of having to pass through many obstacles.  The international author claims this is the reason why she wants to speak of the importance for youth sailing and especially females.  Before leaving, she expressed her gratitude towards the Pass Christian Yacht Club as one of the oldest clubs in the world and the first to host an all-female sailing regatta, the Lipton Cup.

Golden is a Mississippi author of fiction and non-fiction, including four international mysteries set in Eastern Europe. In all of her writing, the reader sees the places she visits – with humor and insight. Two, Adriatic Allure and Summer in Sofia, received the publisher’s highest honors for editing and content.

Once, she yearned for a career as a foreign journalist, but law school was a far more practical plan for an English and political science major. After leaving a successful legal career to accompany her diplomat husband to Bucharest, Romania, Golden took advantage of her extensive travels in Eastern Europe to foster friendships, journal, and ultimately write mysteries.

She currently resides on the Mississippi Gulf Coast and a member of the Mississippi Arts Commission.