by Hunter Dawkins, Publisher/Owner – or

Towards the end of the Board of Aldermen meeting, an executive session was brought forward on the agenda Tuesday night, December 19, 2023 in the Pass Christian Municipal Court.  Pass Christian’s Alderman-at-Large Kenny Torgeson made the request to introduce the potential litigation in public to which City Attorney Malcolm Jones expressed this as a possibility if everyone agreed.

After the board agreed to this proposal, Jones brought up the administration was looking into a friendly annexation of a few county residents near the western side of the city off Boisdore Street.

Discussion ensued about the specific location, resident concerns, and following up with the county.

Mayor Jimmy Rafferty delightfully acknowledged that he spoke with several county officials who were in favor of this proposal and the residents in the area spoke highly of the plan.

Jones addressed the board and audience, conveying that there is a procedure to go through the Harrison County Chancery Court where a judge calls a public hearing, requests drainage and additional plans, etc.

Additionally, the city attorney stated to the board his use of outside help.

Following the deliberation, the Board of Aldermen unanimously approved moving forward with a “Friendly” Annexation as long as the Chancery Court nor the county finds issues.

The details of this annexation are:

On December 19, 2023, the Pass Christian Board of Alderpersons unanimously approved the Friendly Annexation of the following properties of 3 landowners west of the Pass Marianne Condominiums that are owned by Bellwill Properties LLC, Grant and Shawn Koncke, and Dale Mathews.

Harrison County has already fully approved the development of the 40-lot Henderson Shores residential subdivision. Because there are additional benefits to becoming a part of the City of Pass Christian, the owner of the Henderson Shores Subdivision has requested that their property be annexed by the City of Pass Christian.

The City has committed to provide water and sewer to these properties. While a resident of the County, a homeowner would pay double the cost for water and sewer.

Once the Annexation is complete, a homeowner would pay the normal City water and sewer fees. In addition, once the properties are annexed, a homeowner would pay less for fire insurance.

The Konckes (Grant & Shawn) and Dale Mathews own the properties between the proposed Henderson Shores Subdivision and the Pass Marianne Condominiums.

Similar to Bellwill Properties LLC, both the Konckes and Mathews have requested the Annexation of their property to afford its future homeowners the benefits of citizenship within the City of Pass Christian.

The benefit to the City of Pass Christian upon the completion of the Henderson Shores Subdivision is expected to be $132,635 in City taxes and $152,991 in School taxes.

The city is estimating $7,500 for Legal and Expert Annexation costs. The cost would reduce the first year
after the annexation by collecting the City taxes: Within two years after the Annexation, the City would have recouped legal & earn annexation costs.