by Hunter Dawkins, Publisher/Owner – or

After the Pass Christian Board of Aldermen approved the beginning of construction for the St. Paul Village project months ago, Tuesday, November 8, 2023, an application, advertisement for bids, and design fees were presented to the city at the municipal court.

Ward 2 Alderwoman Regina Charlot raised a few questions about the proposal.

On a 4-1 vote for all three measures, the city adopted each. The application of the St. Paul Center, LLC for a Planned Urban Development (PUD) and a preliminary play was the first approved as recommended by the city planning commission.

This development will have 30 residential units and 6 mixed uses down E Scenic Drive along with adoption of the RezoningOrdinance.

Concurrently, advertisement for bids with infrastructure that will be funded by Pass Christian was approved. The city will pay this under the Gulf Coast Restoration Fund grant for the St. Paul Village Project.  Both city engineer and department head have reviewed and approved the proposed plans that were submitted by the design professional for St. Paul Center, LLC.

Finally, a reimbursement to St. Paul Center, LLC was authorized for payment to the invoice of $32,500 on final design fees on the St. Paul Village Project. Once again, Gulf Coast Restoration Fund grant will pay for this project expenses and the city will provide a local match, which City Clerk Ron Duckworth confirmed these funds were available.

The Gulf Coast Restoration Fund is a committee created by the state government for distribution of BP Funds from the Deepwater Horizon oil spill of 2010. Mississippi Development Authority (MDA) works with the committee who receives proposals from the Mississippi Coast Counties and municipalities. The proposals are presented to the Mississippi State Legislature by MDA, who approves the measures.

Following the vote, the board unanimously authorized a consent agenda item for Eagan Management in the sum of $12,400 for Eustis Engineering expenses for the PUD project pursuant to the development agreement. This reimbursement is covered by the Capital Expenditure Grant from the State Department of Finance & Administration (DFA). The expenditure has been budgeted and the funds are available according to Duckworth.

Capital Expenditure Funds are directly from the Mississippi State Legislature and distributed to counties or municipalities based on their needs.