by Hunter Dawkins, Publisher/Owner –

Monday morning, July 3, 2023 at the Harrison County Courthouse in Gulfport, the Board of Supervisors provided funds for a few segments of Long Beach.  One was for reimbursement of a tidelands project that has begun on the beach and the other was assisting the city of Long Beach with a road project.

Beginning early, due to the upcoming federal holiday of July 4, the Board recognized a few discussions before going through measures on the agenda.  Once reaching the item, District 3 (Pass Christian, Long Beach, Gulfport) Supervisor Dr. Marlin Ladner asked a question to Harrison County Comptroller Jennifer Bell as to whether or not the nets on the project were part of the tidelands funds, which asked for reimbursement to the county road fund for drilling work.

Bell expressed to Ladner the nets on this project were not a part of the tidelands funds and stated these would be covered by composite boards.  Following the response, the Board of Supervisors voted to unanimously authorize the reimbursement to the road fund in the amount of $609.58 for drilling work performed as part of the Long Beach Volleyball & Pavilion Project.

Later, these funds were approved for interfund loans and repayments.

Finally, the board adopted the resolution from the Friendly City seeking the county assistance in widening the South Mitchell Road inclusive of three hundred fifty tons of limestone.

Before adjourning, the Harrison County Supervisors approved a payment of $6300 to Ely Guild Hardy Architects, PA, for architectural services to Marlin Ladner Boulevard Improvements in Long Beach.  This work was billed from May 31, 2023.

The next Harrison County Board of Supervisors meeting will be Monday, July 10, 2023 at the county courthouse in Biloxi.