Gazebo Gazette

Long Beach High School senior Caleb Haber has earned the distinction of being named the 2022-2023 LBHS STAR Student and has selected Mrs. Carrie Ferguson-Bellew as his STAR Teacher. 

Haber is the son of Jennifer Rhodes and Michael Haber. After high school, he plans to attend the University of Southern Mississippi. 

At USM, I plan to major in theatre with a focus in stage management. I want to earn a minor too, but I am undecided on what field that I will study,” Haber said.  

Haber is undecided about his long-term goals, but definitely knows he wants to travel.  He believes that real knowledge or wisdom is a gift and the way to gain that is to experience the world himself. 

“Throughout my life, I wish to continue to learn and grow. I want to travel and experience the rest of the world. I want to learn from other people. I want to learn how they live, the daily struggles they endure, the clever solutions to problems they face.”  

Haber believes the Long Beach High teachers and staff helped shape him for the future. “They fostered an environment where I could explore myself and grow as a person.” 

And while Haber appreciates all the teachers he has had at LBHS, one in particular made a difference in his life, his STAR Teacher Mrs. Carrie Bellew. 

“I especially want to highlight my theatre teacher, Mrs. Carrie Bellew, who is always there for her students. I do not think I would be the person I am today without her guidance. She is always there for her students, and I hope one day that I can have the impact that she had on me. I chose her (as STAR Teacher) because she has had the greatest impact on me. Other teachers have taught me ideas and processes, but she taught me skills that I will use in my future. It was in her class that I grew as a person and found my love for theatre.”

Bellew is grateful to have been selected by Haber and has nothing but the highest regard for him. 

“Caleb Haber is not only an outstanding student but an amazing individual,” Bellew said.  “I have had the honor of working side-by-side with him for the last four years. I say work because that is what is required in a theatre program. Caleb is usually the first to arrive and the last to leave. He works hard to maintain academic excellence while juggling all the expectations and work required of him for the program. Caleb is the current president of our organization and our troupe of the International Thespian Society.  Caleb Haber is truly a star, and I am so lucky to have had him in my program for this brief moment in time.” 

“I am so fortunate to be in a number one school district with a number one student.  I don’t know how I got so lucky to be able to work here, but I have the utmost appreciation for Dr. Lock, the LBSD School Board, Mr. Sutton, Mrs. Ladner and Mrs. Todd, and my fellow colleagues. It truly is great to be a Bearcat!” 

The Mississippi Economic Council (MEC) M. B. Swayze Foundation sponsors the Student Teacher Achievement Recognition (STAR) program. Established by the Mississippi Economic Council in 1965, the purpose of the STAR program is to recognize outstanding students & teachers in Mississippi through its Education Celebration.