by Hunter Dawkins, Publisher/AP Member –

LAS VEGAS PICK:  -5 New Orleans

Despite what is being said and many sports talk pundits, the season is not lost and the New Orleans Saints have an impressive roster.  One problem during the season so far is that the Saints’ mistakes, turnovers, and injuries have been capitalized and at the wrong time.  The sense of urgency seems close, but there can be a lot of changes inside the next thirteen games.

The reason the National Football League’s (NFL) game has become so sensational over the last few years is because of the drama and parody, which happens every week.  Each player in the 53-man professional roster was a dominant player in college, high school or both and the level of talent in the league today makes each game enjoyable.

While Placekicker Wil Lutz did not make the game winner last week against Minnesota for the 28-25 defeat in London, he did make the 60 yard field goal with under two minutes remaining to give New Orleans the opportunity to win.  Unlike some feel, if you have an abundance of those chances throughout the season, then success usually happens in the important times.


Having backup quarterback Andy Dalton come off the bench in a quick notice and help orchestrate 25 points is no easy task in the top professional football league.  Being pretty accurate from the pocket with 236 yards and tossing one touchdown pass with a somewhat solid running game that accounted for over 100 yards, is a great feeling in times of multiple injuries.

Finally, getting a pass rush with three total sacks and eight quarterback hurries earned value points from the Saints front seven on defense.  An added interception from Tyrann “Honey Badger” Mathieu provided a spark needed in the secondary.

Seattle has found good production in their offense that wasn’t expected.  A 2-2 record with one blowout performance from division rival San Francisco has pundits wondering what to expect from the Seahawks next.  In orchestrating over 500 yards total offense for last week’s 48-45 win against Detroit, Seattle is showing they can produce offensively early in the season.  EDGE = SEAHAWKS


Turnovers and injuries for New Orleans have been the predominant factor in each loss.  Being -7 in the turnover ratio is not the only problem, but the times these happen are the biggest stumble.  Injuries to three all-pro offensive backs and a key offensive lineman, and a Pro-Bowl running back doesn’t help build a foundation for the season this early.

Saints quarterback Jameis Winston should probably sit until he’s cleared, but Alvin Kamara, Jarvis Landry, Michael Thomas, and Andrus Peat as soon as possible to build a functioning product.  Therefore, upon Jameis’ return, everything moves forward easily, and he doesn’t have to start from scratch.

Although Seattle has shown recent success, quarterback Geno Smith is not compatible to a solid front seven defense unit and when rushed tends to break before bending.  The 49ers exposed the Seahawks in Week 2 by holding them to under 50 yards rushing and not allowing Pro-Bowl receiver D.K. Metcalf for more than 35 through the air.  EDGE = SAINTS


The Saints ground attack after losing Latavius Murray off the waivers to Denver hurts the offensive production.  Although New Orleans has rushed for close to 100 yards in every game, their distribution of the ball came on three opposing handoffs.  Usually, a feature back (Kamara or Murray) would get the primary amount of carries followed by Mark Ingram and Taysom Hill.  

With this instability of running attack, the offense will become more one dimensional and the defense could be put in rough conditions.

Seattle’s defense does not appear to be the once called “Legion of Boom” that forced turnovers and produced numerous sacks every game.  Having seven sacks and two interceptions after four games are below average numbers for this unit; especially from Defensive Head Coach Pete Carroll.  EDGE = SEAHAWKS


Has anyone pointed out how well rookie Chris Olave is doing this year?  21 receptions, 335 yards and a touchdown after four games should illustrate how effective he has become when many questioned his ability to be productive among this unit of receivers.  Olave has been everywhere and run lengthy routes for whoever the signal caller for New Orleans was.  

Seattle’s Geno Smith productivity has been questioned since game 1 and he is coming through early on.  Throwing for more than 1000 yards after four games with 6 touchdown passes is no joke.  Facing the Seahawks tough divisional matchups, these figures may help in the long run.  EDGE = SAINTS


The same things as last week, although there is more emphasis on the outcome this week in the Caesar’s Superdome Sunday:  Don’t commit turnovers and hold the Seahawks to under 100 yards rushing and the game is yours.  The talent on the Saints roster makes it too easy to turn this up in the second home game for the 2022 season.  EDGE = +2 SAINTS