Gazebo Gazette

With the 2021-22 Mississippi Department of Education (MDE) test results being released Thursday, August 18 the Long Beach School District (LBSD) finished as one of the state’s top performers.

LBSD placed among the state’s Top 10 in every subject area tested:  English Language Arts (ELA), Mathematics, Science, and U.S. History.

“We finally had some normalcy in the classrooms, and with great teachers and administrators in the schools leading the way, our students were able to exceed our expectations,” said Dr. Talia Lock, Superintendent of Long Beach School District.

“The growth our students achieved was phenomenal, and we are proud for these students and teachers to be able to see the results of their hard work and be recognized for their success. These scores don’t happen by accident. We know that great teachers in the classrooms, supportive families, and a caring community all work together to encourage our students and push them to be their best.”

These scores were good for all students in Mississippi with an increase from last year’s scores, which was the first state testing since the breakout of the pandemic (COVID-19) that shut down schools and stopped a lot of teaching or learning.

“The 2021-22 assessment results provide clear and indisputable evidence of the resilience of our students and educators and their ability to recover from the disruptions to learning,” said Dr. Kim Benton, interim MDE State Superintendent.  “We are confident Mississippi educators and school leaders across the state will continue to build upon this progress by setting high expectations and working to ensure every student in every school  overcomes the setbacks of the pandemic and is successful.”

The Long Beach School District is a great example of this as reflected in their 2021-2022 test scores. The teachers and students of Long Beach did not let distractions stop them from their goals, and their diligence paid off big for the district.

Mississippi students reached an all-time high in proficiency of ELA and science while coming close to a high in math at the pre-pandemic rate.

Many factors go into the school district accountability model including proficiency test scores and growth. When looking at the 2022 English Language Arts (ELA) scores along the Coast, Long Beach ranks first in Fifth, Sixth, and Seventh Grades as well as high school English II. In Math, Long Beach topped the Coast in fifth, sixth, and eighth grades.

The new U.S. History assessment saw a jump of more than 20%.

State investments included the Mississippi Connects digital learning initiative, which provided all students with a computer device, and services including online tutoring, curriculum subscriptions and access to digital learning coaches.

Additional funds allowed school districts to pay for extended learning days, tutorial services and interventions.