by Hunter Dawkins, Publisher/AP Member –

Following Harrison County Sheriff Troy Peterson’s routine announcement of the number of inmates at the Adult Detention Center to the county’s board of supervisors, an order was approved to increase the sheriff’s salary to $104,000 per year along with two additional supplements.

During the 2022 Mississippi legislative session, House Bill 1408 authorized each group of county supervisors to augment a sheriff’s salary and the supplement with the detention center.  This bill was signed into law by Governor Tate Reeves April 21 and was brought into effect at the August 1 meeting.

The first annual supplement of $10,000 was authorized by Section 25-3-25 (10) of the Mississippi Code of 1972 (which was approved on January 28, 2008) and the additional supplement of $5000 was created by the same code for October 1, 2022.  

Additionally, two additional legislative bills (HB 1427 & 1524) enabled premium payments to eligible law enforcement officers and firefighters for their efforts during the global pandemic (COVID-19) that was signed into law April 21 by Governor Reeves.  The Harrison County Board of Supervisors acknowledged the receipt of the resolution and authorized the execution of this legislation.

In a separate measure, the board of supervisors denied the claim from a plaintiff that alleged injuries sustained while in custody at the Harrison County Adult Detention Center.  Harrison County Board Attorney Tim Holleman was adjudicated by the board to represent the law firm who represents Sheriff Peterson for the matter of the plaintiff.  

Therefore, Holleman would represent the county, the sheriff’s department, Sheriff Peterson, and additional witnesses in court.