by K.G. McAnally, Contributing Writer

PASS CHRISTIAN (GG) — Author Ash Clifton visited the Pass Christian Library Monday, July 8th for a book signing of his debut detective novel “Twice the Trouble.” Clifton read an excerpt to an enthusiastic audience and took questions before signing copies of his book.

Clifton’s neo-noir mystery is set in Orlando, Florida. According to a started review from Booklist, “Nolan Twice is a charismatic hero in a riveting story with breakneck pacing, unguessable twists, and a heart-stopping ending. Fans of Robert B. Child and Lee Parker will love him.”

Ash Clifton lives in Gainesville, Florida with his family. The writer has ties to Pass Christian and was thrilled to see family in attendance for the event. Everyone listened intently as they were instantly drawn into the gritty mystery. Afterwards, the writer encouraged questions and thanked everyone for coming out on a Monday.

Clifton answered questions about the setting and plot choices for his first detective novel. Orlando was an intentional choice, as he pulled from his own experiences when setting the framework for the narrative. His two previous novels were set in Gainesville, Florida. The change in setting was an intentional departure.

A question related to the writing process allowed the author to make an exciting announcement. Private Investigator, Nolan Twice, will return in Clifton’s follow up novel “Twice as Dead” coming soon.

Signed copies of Ash Clifton’s neo-noir mystery novel “Twice the Trouble” are available at Pass Christian Books. Get your copy while supplies last. To learn more about the writer and his work visit his website