Gazebo Gazette

Every year, the kindergarten team at Pass Christian Elementary School organizes an Easter Egg Hunt. This year of 2022, parents and family members donated over 1,200 eggs filled with candy for the youngest pirates.

This hunt gives the children an opportunity to practice counting with one-to-one correspondence. It also gives them the real-world experience of sharing fairly (or equally).

The children all planted grass in the Easter buckets that were purchased for them and participated in all aspects of the planting and growing process. Watching the grass grow over several weeks, helped to build anticipation for the big hunt which took place on April 8th.

Family members were invited to participate and assist the little pirate learners as they counted the eggs they found. Each child could only collect 21 eggs.

With a little help from the adults, every child collected an equal number of eggs and the children learned what sharing fairly means.