by Hunter Dawkins, Publisher/Owner – or

Following recognition by the city for 35 years of service to The Energy Club owners, Frank and Sheryl Olaivar, the Long Beach Board of Alderman approved a Property Tax Abatement for Third at Town Green, LLC and an Eminent Domain Resolution  for the Intersection Property between Klondyke & Commission Roads Tuesday, April 2, 2024 at city hall.

A new commercial property at 114 E. Third Street is home to two successful business with Serendipity Creamery and The Opal Salon & Boutique establishing a presence right off downtown Jeff Davis Avenue.  It has been zoned as a C-1 and requires a $500,000 investment to be eligible for a tax abatement.

Upon Long Beach Certified Financial Officer (CFO) Kini Gonsoulin’s recommendation, the Board of Aldermen voted 4-1 to approve the abatement.  Ward 6 Alderman Pete McGoey was the only dissenting vote and Ward 1 Alderman Patrick Bennett along with Ward 4 Alderman Timothy McCaffrey were absent from the meeting.  The CFO acknowledged that the improvements constructed meet all requirements from the city ordinance.

The resolution was adopted, which states Long Beach’s plans to acquire interests and properties near and around the intersection of Klondyke and Commission Roads in support of “The Intersection Improvement Project.”  In this drafted resolution, the city would acquire private property for the public use.

Finally, the Board of Aldermen appointed Michelle Dasher to fill the unexpired term of Christina McCummins on the Library Board for a term ending in July 2024.  Additionally, the city will schedule school board interviews for Thursday, April 4 or Friday, April 5, 2024 where 5 applicants are eligible because they submitted resumes during the time frame allowed.

This vacancy would be to fill the vacancy left by Tom Carpenter, who resigned as a School Board Trustee in early March 2024.