Gazebo Gazette

In a moving display of respect and gratitude for the nation’s heroes, Pass Christian Elementary School paid homage to veterans through a specially organized school program. 

With the utmost reverence for those who have served the country, students of Pass Christian Elementary orchestrated a touching event to honor and recognize the sacrifices and dedication of veterans. The school’s initiative aimed at creating a deeper understanding of the significance of Veterans Day among its students. 

Students across various grades worked with music teacher Mrs. Cherynne Wright to create this program. During the assembly, students showcased appreciation through heartfelt performances, including a musical number, poetry recitals, informative speeches, and handmade artwork.

There also was a special pinning ceremony for students with relatives who are veterans. 

Throughout the program, tears of joy and honor flowed from teachers, parents, and students. The assembly served as a platform for young minds to express their appreciation and understanding of the importance of veterans in the country’s history and the ongoing support they deserve.