Gazebo Gazette

Pass Christian School District has taken a step forward by providing iPads to all their students. iPads can indeed offer various advantages over Chromebooks, particularly when it comes to collaboration with teachers and students.

With the right apps and tools, iPads can provide a more versatile and interactive learning experience.

The addition of keyboards with the iPad cases is also a practical move, as it can significantly enhance productivity and ease of use for tasks that require typing and writing. This combination of iPads and keyboards should enable the students to handle various educational tasks effectively.

By leveraging the iPad’s features and educational apps, students can engage in interactive learning, access digital textbooks, take notes, create multimedia projects, and collaborate with classmates and teachers more seamlessly. This integration of technology into the classroom can potentially improve student engagement and overall learning outcomes.

Hannah Parkerson, a senior, states, “I’m excited for the ipads. They seem to load much quicker than our chromebooks and I think there will be more tools we can use everyday.” 

It’s crucial for the school to ensure that they have implemented proper security measures and content filtering on the iPads to maintain a safe and controlled learning environment for the students.

With iPads becoming an integral part of their educational journey, students at Pass Christian High school have an excellent opportunity to explore new learning avenues and develop digital literacy skills that will be valuable for their future endeavors.