by Hunter Dawkins, Publisher/Owner –

For the last several months, the city of Pass Christian has worked with the Harrison County Board of Supervisors on Paving Projects that the county normally provides funds for.

Currently, the city has completed eleven repair projects, four paving projects, and 38 patching projects. However, five paving projects, which have been approved and four other high priority paving projects in the city are yet to be completed.

“The City of Pass Christian would like to thank Harrison County Supervisor Marlin Ladner for his support in getting Harrison County to cover some of the costs of paving,” stated Mayor Jimmy Rafferty. “In addition, many thanks to our City Employees who contributed to these improvements.”

Almost $400,000 of paving has been completed and another roughly $800,000 has been approved. When it is complete, the City will have over $1,200,000 of new paving.

Five of the high priority projects will be paved by the second largest county in the state of Mississippi, but the city of Pass Christian has the cost if $308,383 to cover these projects.

Of the paving covered by Harrison County that have been finished, these four projects total to $273,685. In all, there are fifteen completed paving projects which amount to $398,542.

The high priority projects that will be completed in the future by the county, will cost $308,383 but will be covered in every step by Harrison County.

Two city projects that have not been completed are the Dollar General city easement which was awarded to Gibson maintenance for $12,180 and the intersection between Henderson Street and W North Street.

The intersection project will cost $487,264 but will be covered in a grant by the Gulf Coast Restoration Fund. This one overall grant has is of $609,080 and a 20% match. So far, there are projects worth $807,827 that have been approved but not yet completed.

Additionally, there are two projects that the city of Pass Christian has requested the county to cover the cost if there budget permits this action. These projects cost $70,846.

Subsequently, Pass Christian’s Mayor, Board of Aldermen, City Engineer, Public Works, and the Supervisors have worked together to have the streets paved.