by Hunter Dawkins, Publisher/Owner –

In May of 2019, the Henson family was shattered because of the loss of young Peyton Henson right before his graduation from Long Beach High School.

Three and a half years later on Peyton’s birthday, Wednesday, December 14, 2022, his father, William Henson delivered pizza and drinks to the Pineville Elementary School in rural Pass Christian to help promote one of the true things Peyton enjoyed with kids:  a pizza party.

“Peyton was a very loving, giving person, he never met a stranger and continuing his legacy to love like Peyton gets me through the good and bad days,” said William Henson.  “He loved pizza parties with his friends and he grew up in a community where everyone did not have a lot of things that could allow this.  He liked to be able to give things to people.”

The foundation was created by William Henson after the tragic loss of his son William Peyton in 2019. Peyton, who was a senior at Long Beach High School, drowned in the Wolf River between Long Beach and Pass Christian in the county the day before his graduation.

Henson believes the foundation is a way to honor Peyton’s legacy of caring for children in need.

Before Wednesday’s party, Henson and the foundation donated $1,362 to Pineville Elementary at the Harrison County School Board of Trustees recent meeting to cover outstanding cafeteria balances of students at the school.

“The donation from Mr. Henson and the Foundation has helped alleviate the cost of parents in the community who are still having some setbacks from COVID-19,” said Pineville Elementary Principal Jerri Turan.  “This allows the parents the ability to meet the kids needs at home while we are providing resources for students that we didn’t have previously.  Our population is growing, so our needs are growing and we are thankful for the donation.”

Henson’s donation provides inspiration and the foundation continues to live up to the motto:  Love Like Peyton.