Gazebo Gazette

Singing River Health System is honored to be a recipient of an $8,000 community transportation grant on behalf of the American Cancer Society. 

Cancer patients undergoing treatment frequently require assistance getting to and from facilities, often creating a financial and logistical burden.

These funds will be used to address the transportation needs of cancer patients along the Gulf Coast. 

An estimated 18,500 Mississippi residents will learn they have cancer this year, and getting to their scheduled treatment may be one of their greatest roadblocks. To help patients get the critical care they need, American Cancer Society community transportation grants are awarded at a local level to health systems, treatment centers,  and community organizations.

These grants are available in select communities through  an application process and focus on addressing the unmet transportation needs of  cancer patients, particularly vulnerable populations experiencing an unequal burden of  cancer.  

“This grant helps fund the transportation needs for our patients who sometimes have to  travel up to five days a week to receive treatment,” said Gynecologic Oncologist, Dr.  Michael Finan of Singing River Health System. “Thank you to the American Cancer  Society for this grant initiative that allows us to continue to provide ongoing quality care  to those patients that may not have the transportation means to make every  appointment.”

For additional information about the American Cancer Society, call 1-800-227-2345 or  visit