by Calvin Ishee, Associate Publisher

After two Pass Christian Civil Service Commissioners unexpectedly resigned following the March 15, 2022 Board of Alderman (BOA) meeting, the city lost the ability to not only perform as a commission but it could no longer test potential candidates for the Police and Fire Departments.  This prevented both departments from filling existing vacancies.
With a lengthy search for suitable replacements, Greg Frederico and Tyler Watters were selected by the board at their April 19, 2022 BOA meeting.
On Monday, May 16, 2022 the new Civil Service Commission (CSC) met for the first time since the March CSC meeting, all were present except for Commissioner Halle Rickets. The first order of business was to select a new CSC Chair.  By a unanimous vote of 2-0, Frederico was chosen to serve out the remaining term of former CSC Chair Adam Pace with a term that expires in January 2023.
Due to state law a Chair cannot serve consecutive terms so a new Chair will have to be chosen in January 2023.  As mandated by state law; noted by Pass Christian City Attorney Malcolm Jones, there is a limitation of having a maximum of 3 commissioners on the CSC.
According to Chair Frederico, a Civil Service Test was administered on May 4, 2022 for the Police Department with 6 candidates passing the exam.
Police Chief Daren Freeman commented that the police test involves 3 segments whereby candidates must pass two of the 3 segments with an overall score of 70.  The PC Police Department currently has 3 vacancies and are hopeful that selections can be made from the candidate pool that passed the entrance exam.
The Commission also approved the ordering of entrance exams for both the Police and Fire departments.  Tabled was the request by Chair Frederico to look at proposed changes to how the commission operates.  He was told by a City employee that they were still awaiting review of the changes by Jones.
If available by the June CSC meeting scheduled for June 20, 2022, 5;30 at the City Courthouse/Auditorium, the Commission will review them before sending them to the BOA for final approval and implementation.
At the end of the meeting, Chief Freeman thanked the new commissioners for their willingness to serve on this extremely important commission.
Open items included how the Commissioners will be trained and who will serve as the Secretary for the CSC.
Ward 2 Alderwoman Regina Charlot had previously asked the administration to consider using the Mississippi Municipal League (MML) to conduct this training; however, Malcolm Jones stated that he had contacted MML and couldn’t locate the training procedure.  Please note that these meetings are open to the general public.