by Hunter Dawkins, Publisher/Owner – or

LONG BEACH (GG) — Last Tuesday, June 18, 2024, the Long Beach Board of Aldermen approved three ordinances (670-672) for the upcoming 2025 municipal elections.  Even though they passed, not all were unanimous, especially 670, which was approved by a 5-2 roll call vote.  This ordinance adopted the new map of wards done by the Gulf Regional Planning Commission.

Ward 3 Alderwoman Angie Johnson publicly expressed her displeasure of the map, entitled “Exhibit A-1.”  According to Alderwoman Johnson, this left a number of citizens in her ward “without representation.”  When discussion arose, Ward 6 Alderman Pete McGoey asked Johnson if she expressed this in the Gulf Regional Planning Commission meetings that were set up with each aldermen before the public hearing whereas Johnson responded by saying that gave her disagreement of “Exhibit A-1.”

When asked for counsel by Long Beach Mayor George Bass, City Attorney Steve Simpson explained to the Board of Aldermen that there was no legal requirement for a public hearing (even though the board chose to) and no mandated public notice.  After deliberation on Simpson’s counsel, the board approved 5-2 by roll call vote on adopting Ordinance 670, which was the “Exhibit A-1” map by Gulf Regional Planning Commission.

Both Johnson and Alderman-at-Large Donald Frazer were the two dissenting votes.

After the measure passed, the Board of Alderman unanimously passed the final two ordinances (671 & 672), establishing a rate and schedule of payment for municipal election commissioners for primaries and general elections along with poll workers for these times.  The election commissioners will be paid $165 per election while the poll manager/bailiff/poll workers will be paid $200 per election.  Poll receiving and returning manager shall receive an additional $25 for receiving and $25 for returning per election or primary vote.

Each poll worker shall be eligible to be paid up to $20 an hour for up to two hours poll training.

All three ordinances will go into effect 30 days after their adoption by law.