by Sara Putnam, Contributing Writer

LONG BEACH (GG) — Friday June 14, 2024, members of BSA Troop 205 made their way to Long Beach Public Library to help Life Scout Tobin Loftus complete his Eagle Scout Project.  Since early January 2024, the Long Beach Board of Aldermen have approved multiple scout projects throughout the Friendly City.

The assigned task for Loftus was to build two benches that would sit on either side of the door by the Children’s portion of the library as well as another seating area that would sit by the entrance of the gate.  The life scout replanted the tree to the opposite end of the gate so that there would be space for people to enjoy the fresh air while reading without having to discard any plants.

In order for scouts to collect the wood and supplies needed for the benches, the troop raised money through a carwash fundraiser and were given donations by supporting citizens in the community.  Due to the purpose behind this project, they also were offered discounts when purchasing the necessary materials.

Along with building and installing the benches, the scouts scrubbed and adjusted the memorial bricks placed along the walkway which will allow them to be more visible and recognized upon entry. They also trimmed up any loose hanging branches and made the shrubbery around the library look clean and well maintained.

In helping with new developments throughout the city of Long Beach, Miss., Troop 205 deserves much recognition as the scouts not only contributed such a great thing to the community, but are actively learning how to be leaders in their own endeavors. 

With great acknowledgement of the scouts’ hard work, the library’s outward appearance is aesthetically pleasing and will certainly bring in more people during these next few months. 

Photos by Sara Putnam/The Gazebo Gazette