Gazebo Gazette

Tuesday morning, May 21, 2024, the St. Paul Carnival Association (SPCA) delivered a donation of $160,600 to the St. Vincent De Paul (SVDP) Elementary School in Long Beach, Miss.  The SVDP principal, Carol Church, accepted the check from the SPCA team Kimball/Fowler for this school year.

The team of Kimball/Fowler were the King/Queen combination of the SPCA Mardi Gras parade in Pass Christian, who has spent a majority of the year fundraising for the the schools and community organizations in West Harrison County.

“One of the great qualities of our organization is that we minimize organizational operating expenses while 100% of sponsorships, etc., go toward our charity,” expressed SPCA King Christian Kirk Kimball of 2024.  “We do not rent offices, pay our officers or spend money on marketing or advertising. Instead, we give it all to our Catholic school and our kids.”

The list of the schools and community organizations that received donation were

*St. Vincent de Paul Catholic School = $103,400
*SVDP School Gym Upgrade = $30,000
*Tuition Subsidy for Volunteers = $30,250 (32 families)
*Mini Grants = $6000
*Boy Scouts = $500
*Boys & Girls Club = $500
*Catholic Charities = $500
*Cub Scouts = $500
*Gone Fishing Ministries = $600
*Holy Family Youth Group = $750
*LAD Project = $250
*OLA Dance Team = $500
*Pass Christian Library = $500
*Pass Christian Rotary Club = $500
*Pass Christian Volunteer Fire Dept. = $500
*Buddy Ball = $400
Kimball is Ward 3 Alderman of Pass Christian while Queen Christiana was Lindsey Rogers Fowler, who owns Elysian Salon in Pass Christian.