Gazebo Gazette

Tuesday morning, March 5, 2024, Robert  John Oshinski (39), of Long Beach, pled guilty to murdering his wife, Ashley Barbara, on the morning of January 9, 2022. After accepting the guilty plea on the charge of First-Degree Murder,  Circuit Court Judge Randi P. Mueller sentenced Oshinski to a Life sentence in the custody of the  Mississippi Department of Corrections. 

The investigation began on the morning of January 9, 2022, when Memorial Hospital personnel notified the Gulfport Police Department that Barbara had been dropped off at the  emergency room by an unknown man, later determined to be Oshinski.

Barbara was badly beaten  and unconscious when left at the emergency room, and succumbed to her injuries within hours of  being dropped off.

Through the initial efforts of the Gulfport Police Department, it was determined that Barbara sustained the injuries that ultimately claimed her life while inside a camper, parked  in the City of Long Beach, where she, her husband, and their three children resided.  

Long Beach Police Department continued the investigation and determined that Oshinski had used a conduit pipe and wrench to beat Barbara to death, in the presence of his children. 

“Investigators were able to locate both the pipe and wrench, and forensic testing conducted at the State crime lab confirmed the presence of Barbara’s blood on both items,” said Assistant District Attorney Ian Baker, who prosecuted the case for the State. 

During the plea hearing, the State advised the Court that the autopsy of Barbara revealed  signs of multiple beatings over a period of time and that Barbara sustained fractures to her hands, ribs, jaw, nose, orbital bone, and spine, as well as lacerations to multiple organs. The oldest child, now 13, spoke at the plea hearing and told the Court, “I replay that day over and over in my mind,  I cannot unsee my father beating my mother to death right in front of me and my siblings.”

After accepting Oshinski’s guilty plea on the indicted charge of First-Degree Murder, Judge Mueller said, “This is certainly one of the worst set of facts I have heard in my time on the bench. You will have a long time to sit in prison and think about what you have done, and the damage you have done to your children Mr. Oshinski, and the only good thing I can say is that you have  accepted responsibility for your actions and spared your children from having to come into Court and testify against you.”

Judge Mueller then sentenced Oshinski to Life in prison, which is the only sentence available in Mississippi on the charge of First-Degree Murder. 

“This guilty plea and Life sentence is certainly a result of the hard work, dedication, and  collaborative efforts of both the Gulfport and Long Beach Police Departments. This was a heinous murder committed in front of the couple’s three small children, and based on such, the maximum allowable sentence under the law was appropriate,” said ADA Baker.