by Hunter Dawkins, Publisher/Owner – or

Tuesday night, December 19, 2023, the Pass Christian Board of Aldermen took two actions to begin the construction of two pickleball courts across from the War Memorial Park.  Although this project had been budgeted originally for $100,000, the city authorized an amendment to the budget for $186,200.

Pass Christian City Attorney Malcolm Jones and City Clerk Ron Duckworth mentioned to the board of aldermen the increase of cost due to construction fees, lighting of the courts, and bid prices for the project have gone up since the budget was approved in October.  Duckworth did say the city might defer the light fees to the next budget and is hoping for a lower bid price to begin the project.

The first item passed by the board was transferring $25,671.84 interest that was accumulated in the City Clerk tax account to the Capital Improvement Account.  Pass Christian Mayor Jimmy Rafferty acknowledged these funds would help in the increase costs to begin the Pickleball Courts.  Even though this amount was originally brought to the General Fund, Duckworth claimed this would be beneficial to the budget.

After deliberation, the city unanimously revised the budget for construction of the two Pickleball courts upon the condition Pass Christian would postpone lighting of the courts, defer the resurfacing of both courts, and upgrade the servers until the next fiscal year.  The total of this amount is $60,528.16, but the net increase of the budget for this project will be $42,200.

These additional costs will not entail any amendment to the city budget.  After this process is completed, geotechnical work will begin, finalizing the design, and the city will proceed with advertising and bidding on the project will begin.