by Hunter Dawkins, Publisher/Owner – or

With the changing of weather, the emotional return of Long Beach Mayor George Bass Tuesday night, November 7, brought back the holiday spirit. Mayor Bass had been out since April due to a diagnosis Hodgkin’s Lymphoma Stage 3 cancer and the recent return was for him to announce his full remission and express thanks to the board of aldermen, department heads, and city employees for maintaining the Friendly City while he was out.

“I have several people I want to thank, but especially our Lord and savior for allowing me to be in remission,” expressed Bass after he walked down addressing the audience. “As Mark Twain said, it’s how we face the challenges that makes life interesting but more importantly it’s how we overcome the challenges that makes life meaningful. Certainly without my faith, prayers, this could not have been possible and thanks to the board of aldermen, city department heads, and Donald Frazer (Alderman-at-Large & Mayor Pro-Tem) for stepping up for the city.”

Following the Mayor’s address to the city, the Friendly City got right back to business putting together a short-term rental committee, passing a mobile vending ordinance with a few adjustments, and tabling five projects for discussion along with setting a few workshops.

Following a few adjudications with some derelict properties, an executive session based on the purchase of property beneficial to the public took place with no legal action.

The board of aldermen meeting was fully attended with close to a hundred in the audience.