by Hunter Dawkins, Publisher/Owner – or

With the latest meetings of the Long Beach Board of Aldermen, discussion has arisen about moving forward with Revival Property LB112, LLC for development of the boutique hotel in the city’s downtown area off Jeff Davis Avenue.

Recently, at the August 15, 2023 regular meeting of the alderman, the city chose to deny the request for a property tax abatement because an application was to be submitted once the construction is complete according to the ordinance.

Due to the fact that neither had taken place at the current moment, Long Beach unanimously did not allow the reduction of a property tax.

Revival Property LB112, LLC representative Michael Craven addressed the aldermen before the vote about redirecting taxes and encouraging economic development in the community.

The developer discussed different rates of how cities contributed to a new hotel and this could work in the city’s favor. Prior to development of this property, Craven was part of the creation for Hotel Whiskey in Pass Christian in 2017.

Ward 6 Alderman Pete McGoey spoke a few weeks ago about his disapproval of how the development company was conducting business at the current moment.  The city removed a large oak tree at the base of the proposed hotel on April 22,

2023 after the Board of Aldermen approved the Long Beach Planning Commission’s approval for the project March 7, 2023.

The adopted proposal is for an $8 million boutique hotel, which some city residents have expressed outrage despite the city planning commission holding previous public hearings about the proposal. No estimate of time has been reported on the construction start date.

Long Beach Alderman-at-Large and Mayor Pro-Tempore Donald Frazer sat in for Mayor George Bass due to health reasons. Bass has been reported to be clear of cancer after recent screenings, but the mayor could still be recovering for the next few months.