Gazebo Gazette

District Attorney Crosby Parker announced that on July 27, 2023, 39-year old Diquane Zimar Mitchell of Alabama was revoked on felony post-release supervision from a 2011 Armed Robbery conviction in Gulfport after Mitchell was subsequently arrested by Alabama authorities on a new felony Aggravated Assault Domestic Violence charge associated with an alleged strangulation of his son.

Mitchell was sentenced by Judge Lisa Dodson to 20 years in the Mississippi Department of Corrections, with credit for any time already served at the time of conviction on this specific case.

During a revocation hearing, Judge Dodson found Mitchell in violation of his post-release supervision for failure to report for 19 consecutive months while on felony post-release supervision.

In addition, Judge Dodson heard testimony from a detective in Crenshaw County, Alabama who testified regarding allegations that Mitchell had committed a new felony Aggravated Assault Domestic Violence offense while on post- release supervision.

The detective stated that Mitchell became angry at his 16-year-old son during a family dispute, assaulted him and placed him in a choke hold. The detective testified the victim had injuries consistent with the juvenile’s account of the event.

The court found probable cause that Mitchell committed a new felony while on post release supervision, and that Mitchell was in violation of the terms of his post-release supervision also due to his failure to report and revoked Mitchell’s suspended sentence.

During the hearing, Mitchell admitted, “I reported for a few months, and I was doing great, and God’s truth, the moment I stopped going to church, my life started spiraling. I started smoking weed again, and I was hanging out at the wrong places. It was just bad,” said ADA Chris Daniel, who represented the State at the hearing.  “After speaking with Crenshaw County Sheriff’s officials, they intend to pursue the felony strangulation case against Mitchell, and because this matter occurred during Mitchell’s post release supervision, if he is convicted, any sentence that is imposed in Alabama must run consecutive to his 20-year sentence from Mississippi.” said ADA Daniel.

District Attorney, Crosby Parker, stated, “The consequences of continuous criminal activity can be significant. It remains a priority for the office to hold repeat and habitual offenders accountable for their crimes, especially when those crimes involve violence or abuse of children.”