Gazebo Gazette

Long Beach announces the award of a Program for Continuing Education (PCE) grant to Michett Ramos. P.E.O. is an international philanthropic educational organization interested in bringing women increased opportunities for higher education. 

Michett was born and raised in Puerto Rico and began her pursuit of higher education at Puerto Rico University. Her education was interrupted when her husband joined the military, and they were moved to California.

When the family was relocated to the Gulf Coast, she began working part-time for the Institute for Disability Studies at USM, providing technical assistance, training, resources, and support for Mississippians with disabilities and their families.

Michett, a devoted military spouse and mother of two sons, realized her desire to help others began long ago in Puerto Rico where she worked as a volunteer distributing food, clothing, and supplies to the homeless population in her area.

With the support of her family, she decided to pursue completing her degree in Social Work. While balancing family, work, and school, Michett plans to complete her degree to set an example for her children, showing them that hard work and perseverance are worth the struggles you must endure to reach your goals.

She is on track to graduate in May 2024 and will be working with the career counselors at USM to pursue her license and employment in her chosen field. 

The P.E.O. Program for Continuing Education, established in 1973, is a grant program providing one-time financial assistance to women whose education has been interrupted and who find it necessary to return to school to complete a degree or certification that will improve their marketable skills for employment.

Applicants must be identified and recommended by a local chapter. Michett was recommended for consideration by P.E.O. Chapter B – Long Beach. Established in 1930, the group serves as the state’s second oldest P.E.O. chapter.

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