by Hunter Dawkins, Publisher/Owner –

Beginning in April, questions about a problem with the Dynsmore subdivision wall were raised by Long Beach citizens who owned property around the diminishing feature.  No resolution was made during these last few city meetings until the Long Beach Board of Aldermen met Tuesday, May 16, 2023.

Following discussion about the subject, Long Beach City Attorney Steve Simpson informed the Board of Aldermen in the minutes of May 8, 2013, the developer of the Dysnmore subdivision committed to maintaining the wall for 20 years after this subdivision was accepted by the city.  Simpson advised the board to allow him to send a letter to the developer requesting the wall be fixed under this agreement and from problems that may arise for city residents in the subdivision.

The Board of Aldermen unanimously accepted this proposal to direct the city attorney to act upon this arrangement.

Additionally, Long Beach citizen; Mary Levens, requested the city move a drainage pipe from her property to the middle of the fence line.  Levens offered to pay a labor amount to the city for installation and to provide a pipe.  Long Beach Director of Public Works Joe Culpepper explained to the board the age of the pipe and the cost to place a new one in the area.

Simpson stated the need for time to research and make sure this correction would be allowed for the city on personal property.

Alderman-at-Large Donald Frazer stepped in for Long Beach Mayor George Bass, who was out undergoing treatment for cancer.