by Hunter Dawkins, Publisher/Owner

After discussion at the Long Beach Board of Aldermen meet- ing at city hall on Tuesday, No- vember 17, 2022, a consensus involving the contract for the Safe Haven Baby Box would me made at a later date before the opening.

Advocate; Caitlin Kelly, for the Safe Haven Baby Boxes on the Mississippi Gulf Coast ac- knowledged the difficulty in the contract.

“The fees and other informa- tion in the contract would be an

ongoing fund for Long Beach,” said Kelly. “I agree that when I looked at some of the fees, that’s alot. I would love to work with the lawyers on both sides to see what I can do.”

Long Beach City Attorney Steve Simpson told Kelly that “implementing this program and the annual fees that come with this, as far as maintenance and equipment need some fur- ther discussion with the vendor. There is some legal language that requires to provide some identification that the city can not do under state law.”

Kelly expressed donations and other types of fundraising will undoubtedly happen once the legal language of the contract was worked out and the board approved.

Following this action, a sig- nage request was made by Kelly on the agenda, which the board opted to take up once the con- tract was adopted at a later date.

The city of Long Beach ap- proved the Safe Haven Baby Box program at a September meeting, which was the first in the state of Mississippi and be- tween Texas and Georgia.