by Hunter Dawkins, Publisher/AP Member –

LAS VEGAS PICK:  -2 Cincinnati

Yes, this is true.  Taysom Hill is a human being.  The benefit of the supernatural play of Hill was this added a different path to the offense, which has always been there.  New Orleans QB/RB/WR/TE/Specialist or whatever you want to call Taysom has been there for six years and affects every game in separate ways.  The team just needs to find ways for usage of him added in with the unbelievable talent across the team.

 Joe Burrow is a great quarterback that has turned his franchise around in Cincinnati but remembering this is an 11-man game on both sides and everyone must do their job to build the team’s success.  The Saints defensive game plan picked up at the right moment before taking on the former Heisman Trophy Winner and Louisiana State University signal caller.

Since the game plan has readjusted on both sides of the ball, the ability to force turnovers remains one of the top priorities.  Even though, New Orleans took advantage of several circumstances last week, multiple Saints offensive turnovers, four big touchdown plays from Seattle on offense, and allowing over 400 yards total offense needs to be evaluated.


Andy Dalton’s second official start with the Saints organization appeared to calm some of the nerves after gathering a few first downs, moving the chains regularly easy and New Orleans making a few defensive stops in the red zone.

Cincinnati’s done a solid job of getting four dominant defensive lineman, including former New Orleans Saints Defensive End Trey Hendrickson.  The Bengals have the ability to slow teams down, especially if they’re out of sink while  Running Back Joe Mixon adds multiple areas of attack.

How will the Saints utilize “Terrific Taysom” this week?  As I am certainly sure, Offensive Coordinator Pete Carmichael has a few ways up his sleeve.  EDGE = SAINTS


The turnover and penalty bug continues too dwell in the background for New Orleans.  Despite offensive production and three sacks from the defense last week, the Saints committed two turnovers and had a few penalties, which hurt.  The injury bug continues to topple a lot of the starting offense, which is the reason for changes in the offensive strategy each game.  Defensively, allowing four plays for touchdowns over 30 yards is not going to get you a lot of wins in the National Football League (NFL).

Cincinnati still has offensive line problems along with an inconsistent ground attack.  The defense remains solid, but they give up big plays in games and Coaching strategies are not up to Par to return to the Super Bowl.  EDGE = SAINTS


With as much planning that goes into the defensive game plan and stopping the running attack, New Orleans has not done it.  Allowing big plays from the ground, giving up close to 100 yards in every game, and not getting multiple sacks until last week is not great.

Offensively, the injury bug and inconsistent play hurt the Saints until recently.  Maybe the corner is turning after five games.

Cincinnati’s play calling has been suspect, losing three really close games when they had better production and time of possession throughout the game doesn’t appear to be providing good coaching strategies.  Something is happening when you have two of the best offensive players in the league and you haven’t scored more than 30 points in a game this year yet.  EDGE = SAINTS


Alvin Kamara for New Orleans is sneaking into this conversation along with Chris Olave from last week.  After catching a controversial overturned review touchdown pass against the Seahawks, Olave was taken out of the game due to injury.  Kamara came up with over 200 yards total offense and converted several third downs to keep the chains moving on offense.

Having Saints Defensive Back Paulson Adebo was huge for the secondary.  Regardless of the limited practice this week on the injury report, his presence is felt and gives New Orleans Safeties Tyrann “Honey Badger” Matthieu and Marcus Maye breathing room.

Cincinnati’s Running Back Joe Mixon doesn’t get many highlights, but he produces and helps the team throughout the offensive series, running, catching, or blocking.  EDGE = SAINTS


Is it nice to say we have “Terrific Taysom” and you don’t?  Even though Hill only plays about 15-20 snaps a game, he has built his career on producing great plays.  The turnover bug will eventually catch up, if you can’t get rid of it.  Field possession dominates the league and multiple turnovers per game will not let you take advantage of having the talent of the New Orleans Saints.  EDGE = +3 SAINTS