Gazebo Gazette

Tuesday morning, October 11th, 2022, the Long Beach Police Department Gabriel Gauci, of Long Beach and charged him with one count of Felony Evasion and another count of Possession of a Weapon by a Felon.

The arrest stems from an incident where Gauci fled from the Gulfport Police Department, University of Southern Miss Police Department and the Long Beach Police Department.

Gauci was also found to have been in possession of a weapon during this incident.  The two felony charges were from possession of the weapon by a felon and the failure to stop when officer signals or evasion.

Upon arrest, Gauci was charged by the Mississippi Department of Corrections (MDOC) for a probation warrant of a previous armed robbery incident.

The suspect was transported to the Harrison County Adult Detention Center and is incarcerated on a $100,000 total bond set by Justice Court Judge Diane Ladner pending further court action.