by Lillia Fuller, Contributing Writer

After running the C&J’s quick stop for over 23 years, the Allison family made the decision to pass it on to another.  Established in 1998, C&J’s has been a community focal point for years. Tommy and Erica were dedicated owners.

They loved their customers and made meaningful connections. Always the first open during a crisis and the best chicken in town, they never failed to support us as a community.

Even after Katrina devastated the coast, they were quick to reopen. The Allison’s have been a big part of the community.  They worked everyday, only taking a week off for Christmas.

Luckily, C&J’s isn’t getting a full makeover. It will continue to have the same hours, menu, and employees.  The kitchen hours will now be extended until 4pm, instead of 1:45.  The kitchen will also be open on Sunday’s from 9:30am to 2pm.

While C&J’s itself isn’t changing much, the Allison’s hope the new owners will continue to support the school system and cherish its community as they did.

“Thank you for all the years of support. It wasn’t an easy decision, and that’s mainly because of the customers,” said Tommy and Erica Allison.

A big thanks for all you’ve done, we hope you enjoy this much needed break!