by Savannah Meyers, Contributing Writer

Last weekend, the annual Old Spanish Trail Motorcade returned to the Coast for its centennial celebra- tion. Led by Pass Christian Historian Dan Ellis, the motorcade traveled from Ocean Springs to Bay St. Louis, honoring the same historical path as the original in 1922.

Each year since 2015, centennial reenactments have taken place at cities along the Old Spanish Trail that had its routing from St. Augustine, Florida to San Diego, California.

In continuance with honoring the efforts during the early years of Road and Highway development, on Saturday, August 20, 2022, a Motorcade took place in remembrance of those who helped promote the “OST,” now named U.S. Highway 90 and in some places along the Coast, just called Beach Blvd. or Scenic Drive.

Dozens of cars paraded across the Coast, stopping at historic locations to commemorate the trail and its contributions to transportation. When asked why this honorary event occurred, Ellis explained that this was a “celebration of important history,” and the Coast would not be the same without it.

One stop along the journey included the Pass Christian Historical Society, where motorists met with Pass Christian Mayor, Jimmy Rafferty, to discuss the significance of the Old Spanish Trail.

One motorist from New Orleans, Al Jackson, spoke on the importance of the trail. “We just drove here, “ he said.

This statement would not have been possible without the Old Spanish Trail.

Once built, it connected the Coast to surrounding areas and allowed the Gulf Coast to flourish with incoming tourism in the 1920s.

Before the trail, driving to and from New Orleans would have been only a dream.

The historian concluded the event by announcing the upcoming 2023 motorcade in New Orleans, stating that all are welcome to attend and celebrate Coastal History