Gazebo Gazette

If you ask any teacher what is most important at the beginning of a new school year, they will probably tell you that it is building relationships with students. One of our second grade teachers this year has already built strong and caring relationships with her young students.

Marcedes McMickle joined the Pass Christian Elementary School in October of 2021 and stated that it felt like she never got a full year with her “First Class” students.

They really became a close-knit group and summer just came a little too quickly and this year, she feels as though she was blessed with the opportunity to loop with her students from first grade to second grade.

With this extra year together, she looks forward to seeing growth beyond academic scores, but also in personalities, behaviors, and physical development! 

“These students will forever make my first two years here at PCES my best years,” expressed McMickle.  “These second graders are ecstatic to continue to Fly First Class in Every Class!”