by Georgia McWilliams, Contributing Writer

The Pass Christian School District will be shifting from a traditional school year to a hybrid schedule in the up- coming 2022-2023 year.

To sum up this new sched- ule, the year will be beginning early on July 29th, and have a semi-year round timeframe.

The regular fall break will be at the beginning of Octo- ber and will be extended to a five-day holiday.

The normal Thanksgiv- ing holiday will resume, and there will be an addition of days in the winter break.

Term 3 will include a week- long Mardi Gras holiday at the end of February. Spring Break will resume as normal following Easter Sunday on March 9th.

As of early February 2022, the school board decided that this was the best option for the well-being of all associ- ated with the district.

This new schedule promotes an easier transition from term to term, while of- fering help to students who need or want it.

Many of these extended holidays are opportunities for students to seek extra help in their academic careers. “Stu- dents and school staff alike are able to attend to men- tal wellness with intentional brain breaks.

This calendar is a healthy mix between a traditional and non-traditional calendars.

The administration is ex- cited to share this new way of learning with you that is de- signed for innovation, driven by student needs, and sched- uled with a commitment to excellence.

““We are excited to offer a modified traditional calendar that offers features such as two micro-intersessions/holi- days for children, families, and staff. Students who need extra assistance or enrich- ment will be invited to attend the intersessions in October and February. Intersessions were carefully attached to fall break and Mardi Gras to of- fer a week’s vacation for those not in attendance. Further, the last Friday of each 9-week period is also an early release day. The school year will end on May 26 and students will have a 9-week versus a 10- week summer,” expressed Dr. Carla Evers, Pass Christian School District Superinten- dent. “We would like to thank our calendar commit- tee, teacher advisory council, staff, and business advisory council for providing input to the administration and the board. We would like to thank our families for select- ing the calendar via a vote. We look forward to seeing our Pirate learners on Friday, July 29, 2022, for their first day of school.”

These added breaks and opportunities for extra help will keep the school working for the well-being of both the students and staff.