Gazebo Gazette

Friday afternoon, July 22, 2022, Andrew Treadaway from Gulfport, MS, pled guilty earlier in the week at the Harrison County Circuit Court to Armed Robbery, Burglary of a Dwelling, and Aggravated Assault. Judge Lisa Dodson sentenced Treadaway to 30 years in the custody of the Mississippi Department of Corrections, as a habitual offender. 

Treadaway’s convictions stemmed from a home invasion on October 23, 2020, in Gulfport. The  victim stated Treadaway knocked on her door and claimed to be there to return some money he had borrowed.

When the victim opened the door, Treadaway and his wife; Sumer Treadaway, forced their way into the home. Once inside, they proceeded to bind the victim with tape and demanded money from her.  Treadaway was able to find a knife in the house with which he cut the victim’s neck and hand. 

“After stealing miscellaneous items from the victim, including her television and purse, Treadaway and his wife took the victim’s car and fled. The Gulfport Police Department responded and discovered that Treadaway had attempted to use a stolen debit card in D’Iberville. With this information, a deputy with the  Harrison County Sheriff’s Department was able to locate Treadaway driving the stolen vehicle on Interstate 10. During the traffic stop, Treadaway and his wife were arrested, and most of the victim’s property was recovered,” said Assistant District Attorney Jason Josef, who prosecuted the case. 

At the plea, Treadaway stated that he was high on spice and meth, and he planned to sell the stolen  items to buy more drugs. He is currently serving a 16-year sentence for previous burglaries of dwellings that he committed in Biloxi.

Judge Dodson sentenced Treadaway to serve the 30 years consecutive to those prior sentences, meaning he will need to complete his prior sentences before beginning these new sentences. 

Additionally, the circuit judge sentenced Treadaway as a habitual offender, meaning that he will have to serve the 30 years day-for-day without the eligibility of parole or early release. 

“We are thankful the Gulfport Police Department, the Harrison County Sheriff’s Department and  the D’Iberville Police Department were able to work together to locate and arrest Treadaway and his wife  after committing these violent crimes. Their quick responses and thorough investigation were instrumental in bringing Treadaway to justice. We hope this conviction and sentence will help bring closure to the criminal case and aid in the healing process for the victim after suffering through these terrible crimes”,  said District Attorney W. Crosby Parker.  

The wife is facing two felony charges, which her court date is set for Tuesday, August 23, 2022.  Sumer Treadway will face first degree-arson and burglary of a dwelling charges in the Harrison County Circuit Courthouse after being arrested on April 16, 2021.