Gazebo Gazette

Throughout this school year, the preschool classroom and kindergarten classrooms have been learning about living versus nonliving things.

The preschool classroom has participated in the Adopt a Cow program through Discover Dairy. Every week, the students received updates about their calf, Maiden. They were able to watch the calf as she grew and learned about how her farmers helped to take care of her.

The kindergarten and preschool classrooms have learned about the parts of a plant and what plants need in order to grow. They have observed roots growing through a root- viewer planter and watched first-hand as the root system provided water and nourishment to a growing carrot. They have grown their own lettuce and herbs and have been able to use their harvests for food.

The kindergarten class is learning about animal life cycles and are currently closely watching the incubator in their classroom as they patiently await the hatching of some spring chicks.

C-Hall at Pass Christian Elementary is making learning come to life!