by Hunter Dawkins, Publisher –

The Ross couple came before the Pass Christian Board of Aldermen Tuesday night, April 19, 2022 in hope of being allowed back in their home after being released from the Harrison County Adult Detention Center on March 25 for animal abuse charges.  After his Wednesday morning inspection, Pass Christian Building Code Director Tom Duffy told The Gazebo Gazette there was no way; under good conscience, that he could allow anyone to live in the Ross residence at the current time.

The Pass Christian Police Department seized 70 animals from the residence and arrested the husband and wife on March 10 with charges of animal abuse along with an added charge to the husband; Richard Ross, for having a vulnerable adult living in the house.  The latter charge was issued by Pass Christian Municipal Judge Lewie “Skip” Negrotto on March 16.

Richard Ross addressed the board by informing them of how he had cleaned the house by “sanitizing and removing the stuff that needed to be cleaned along with eliminating all the items soiled.  I have eliminated 99% of the smell.”  Following this discussion, Richard Ross expressed to the city that they be allowed back in their residence with pictures of sanitation and compliance.

Pass Christian City Attorney Malcolm Jones conveyed to the Board of Aldermen the city would continue the public hearing on the Ross residence and decide based on Duffy’s recommendation.  Jones acknowledged because the city has a few special obligations in place, the hearing may be pushed until the first board meeting in May.

Although the Ross couple asked if they could submit photos of the residence, Duffy inspected the residence Wednesday morning and presented the review to the city Thursday morning.  Jones asked Duffy to provide the Ross couple a punch list to bring them back in compliance after the determination.

Separately from the residence issue, Richard and Ethel Ross face 70 counts of animal abuse charges in the Pass Christian Municipal Court, Wednesday, May 11, 2022 at 1:30pm.