Gazebo Gazette

When St. Vincent dePaul Catholic School students came back to school after Mardi Gras break, the art project they’d been working on was put on hold for a few days.

Students created “Sunflowers for Ukraine” in response to the war.  Art teacher, Tara Meleones, saw many artists creating and sharing their “Sunflowers for Ukraine” after a video taken of an older Ukrainian lady interacting with an occupying Russian soldier.

After a brief argument, the woman gives the soldier some sunflower seeds and tells the soldier to keep them in his pockets. That way when he falls on Ukrainian soil, sunflowers will grow there.

Sunflowers are the national flower of Ukraine.

St. Vincent art students created their Sunflowers for Ukraine which are now hanging in the school cafeteria. Students used oil pastels, collage, chalk pastels, markers in stipple, and color pencil in their compositions.

They titled their work with great names such as: “Peace for Ukraine;”  “You Got This, Ukraine;”   “We Love You Ukraine:”

“The students responded really well to this project.  We prayed for the people of Ukraine and all those affected by this war before we began the project.  This is one small way to show our support for them,” said Meleones.